Q&A with tattoo apprentice, Bails

How did you get your tattoo apprenticeship? How long have you been an apprentice?

I first got interested in tattoos in high school as I started getting tattoos when I was 16. When I finished school I was got a forearm piece done by Monah and asked her about the process of getting into the industry. Her advice was to find an artist who would be willing to take me as an apprentice. When lockdown hit I thought I’d speak to her again to find out if she was looking at taking on an apprentice or knew someone who was and at that time. I got lucky as she was looking to train someone when I spoke to her. I showed her some of my art from school and now I’ve been an apprentice for about a year to a year and a half now.

What does a day as a tattoo apprentice look like?

If I don’t have any clients booked, I’ll spend the morning doing designs and then at lunch time I’ll switch to working on fake skin just to keep practicing and getting better and of course making loads and loads of coffee. 

Any tips on how to be a good apprentice?

Take in everything like a sponge and pay attention to what your mentor is teaching you as many would kill to be in your shoes. 

Do you get nervous before tattooing someone?

I did the first few times but now it’s more challenging – to always be doing new things to improve on all tattoo styles and techniques. 

Have you tattooed yourself? What have you done?

I have indeed when I didn’t have anyone to practice on I tattooed myself. I have a half leg sleeve with a mixture of cartoons from my childhood and random cool ideas. 

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